Slimish - तेजी से वजन घटाए (मोटापा और पेट की चर्बी ख़त्म करने की अचूक दवा)

Slimish is a unique powerful herbal formula to help fast and safe reduce fat. These are 2 weight loss capsules that use a powerful combination of weight loss ingredients in two pills, one for the day and one for the night. It also increases your energy and help you sleep better.

Rs. 4099/-

180 Capsule
Rs. 4099/-

The Slimish is a powerful slimming pill that combines of herbal for people who really want to lose weight, and contribute to countless benefits to our health. Its powerful combination of natural and herbal ingredients to help reduction of the called localized fats, mainly the abdominal fat, the reduction of the absorption of carbohydrates, the reduction of the appetite, the aid in the control of the glucose levels and the bad cholesterol, the diuretic action, the high content therefore helps in the better functioning of the intestine. Slimish Slim helps to lose weight because of the ability to improve digestion and good intestinal functioning, and count on thermogenic effect, which can accelerate metabolism and caloric burning, without the need to exercise. Better improvement results defined between 2 to 3 months.

Key features and benefits
• Natural slimming
• Help burn fat by speeding up your metabolism
• Help improve health and body fitness
• Reduces cholesterol level
• Improves digestion
• Helps reduce appetite
• Reduce absorption of carbohydrates
• Help remove bad cholesterol
• Helps reduce signs of aging

How to use:
•2 capsules per day (morning/evening) with a glass of water, 30 minutes before or after a meal.

Customer Reviews (334)


I have been taking this slimming product. Absolutely no side effects and reduces fat. It works very well for me, I lost more than 5 kg. Super recommend it!


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आपका रैपिड स्लिम बहुत चमत्कारी औषधि है । मुझे यकीन नहीं हो रहा है कि मेरा वजन कुछ ही समय में इतना कम हो गया है । धन्यवाद जीवन काया ।


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काश ये दवा को मैं पहले ही ले लेता । लेकिन चलो देर से ही पर दुरुस्त आये । क्यो कि मुझे इसके बारे में पता नहीं था । मैं इसको अभी लेना शुरू किया है और मेरा वजन घटाने लगा है अद्धभुत हर्बल औषधि । मैं सभी को सुझाता हूं!

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वेट-लाॅस की इससे अच्छी हर्बल औषधि कोई नहीं सकतीं हैं । मैं उन सभी लोगों को सलाह देता हूँ जो लोग वजन से परेशान है कि इसे जरूर लें यह बहुत गुणकारी हर्बल औषधि है। शुक्रिया


Hello, your this slimming product is very good, because it is very fast in slimming with the presence of frequent bowel movements which directly remove dirt and fat in the stomach. I will continue buying very well. And who wants to slim body quickly. Buy this. Thanks Visionayuveda!

Super result!- 2018-01-09

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Product quality is very good. Original product. The price of the product is very good. Delivery speed is very good. The seller's response is very good. I'll buy again if needed. Thankyou!!!


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बहुत सारी दवाओं का सेवन किया लेकिन कोई फायदा नहीं हुआ लेकिन जब से Slimish का सेवन किया, मेरा वजन कम हो गया है...इस हर्वल दवा के बारे में मुझे मेरे दोस्त से पता चला, वह खुद भी वजन के कारण बहुत परेशान था, और कहता है कि इससे अधिक कुछ भी मदद नहीं करता है। सच में यह असरदार दवा है


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I bought the Slimish once...I have used it. Excellent product! Quick action product, I started using it now. I will buy again for sure! Super highly recommend!


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मैं अपने वजन के कारण बहुत परेशान रहता था लेकिन जब से मैंने रैपिड स्लिम ली है मैं बहुत पतला हो गया हूँ । और आपके विशेषज्ञ की सलाह भी बहुत लाभकारी है । धन्यवाद जीवनकाया!

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Very attentive, reliable product. I liked this excellent quality product. Super reliable pharmacy Visionayuveda! Product is very good, it works very well! I am very satisfied.